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Value of Yahoo Directory

Yahoo has two submission options: "Standard," which is free, and "Yahoo Directory Submit." The Yahoo Directory Submit involves a submission fee, but lists you in Yahoo Directory.

Being listed in a popular directory benefits your site's popularity and may directly impact a site's Search Engine Results Page (SERP) position because it builds a back link to your site. Back links are links that are pointed back to your site and this increases your "link popularity" (for MSN and Yahoo search engines) and PageRank (Google search engine). In the article Linking Strategies to Get Rank High with Google and Yahoo, we discussed getting listed in directories. The focus was on getting listed in free directories. This article discusses the benefit of being listed in Yahoo Directory.

Being listed in the Yahoo Directory provides a powerful back link because it is a high traffic directory. Being listed in a local directory in Yahoo is good value if you have products or services you are trying to promote online. It's a lot cheaper than being listed in the Yellow Pages.

Is being listed in Yahoo Directory worth the recurring fee?

Anthony Parsons gives a concise response to those doubting directory listings, "Whether Google has dropped weight from directories or not is irrelevant really, as the link is still counted and still from a unique IP you ARE going to benefit regardless." Doug Heil, administrator of ihelpyou, says, "A Yahoo directory listing helps with the Yahoo search engine visibility. That by itself makes the 300 bucks worth it." If you are serious about your business you will get listed in Yahoo's directory.

Preparation Before Getting Listed

Before submitting your site to any directory, you'll need to put together a description of your website. Most directories limit you to anywhere from 25 to 150 words. That description should make use of two or three of your focused keywords or key-phrases. But, make sure that your description does not make use of marketing language or it may not be approved.

How to Get Listed

Go to the Yahoo! Directory Listings page and click the "Get Started" link at the bottom of the page. You'll be asked to sign into your Yahoo! Account. If you have one, sign in. Otherwise, you will need to create a Yahoo! Account.

You'll need to indicate whether your site either does or does not contain adult content. The fee for sites that don't have adult content is $299. The fee for adult sites is $600. Then, you'll need to check off all the boxes under the "How to Qualify" subheading and the checkbox next to where it says you agree to the Yahoo! Directory Submit terms. Click the "Continue" button after you've filled out this information.

On the next page, you will be asked for the name of your site, the URL, geographical location, description (limited to 150 words), additional information, login information (for sites that require a login to get in) and your contact information (Name and contact email). If you are paying to submit, you needn't pick a category. Instead, just use the Yahoo Directory Submit Form. From there, Yahoo editors will choose a category for you. All you need do is fill out the form that is presented. But, you can give additional information about your site to help the Yahoo editors choose an appropriate category.

After filling this out and clicking the "Submit" button, you'll be directed to the screen asking for your billing information. Enter that information and click the "Submit" button to place your order. You will hear within seven days whether or not your site was accepted.

Things to Consider Before Paying for the Listing

According to Yahoo's page for directory listing information, sites without adult content are required to pay $299. With your investment in hand, Yahoo then, "provides expedited review of web sites you submit for possible inclusion in the Yahoo! Directory. We will respond to your request within 7 business days." Sites that contain adult content are charged $600 for possible inclusion.

If you've paid to be in Yahoo's directory, you must continue to pay; provided you want to maintain whatever benefit being listed in their directory gives you. Also remember Yahoo's policy concerning paid submissions:

"Use of the Yahoo! Express program does not ensure that your submission will be accepted for inclusion in the Yahoo! Directory. Final judgment on the suitability, placement, and description of all sites submitted to Yahoo! is solely the responsibility of the Yahoo! Directory team."

The annual fee only applies to commercial categories. If you submit to a non-commercial category using Yahoo Directory Submit and get accepted into that area, the fee is charged only once, not on an annual basis.

Also, being listed in Yahoo's directory in no way guarantees a Yahoo Search listing improvement. From the Yahoo Express Help page: "A listing in the Yahoo! Directory does not guarantee your site will be listed in search results for any particular query."