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Microsoft Pushes Engagement Mapping

According to Zachary Rodgers a writer for the ClickZ Network Microsoft's mapping group, contends that most internet marketers give credit with search, affiliate marketing and other sources of lower-funnel clicks grabbing more recognition than they rightly should. Microsoft wants them to think more holistically. A new study based on advertisers' use of the company's Engagement Mapping product argues for a mold where additional credit is granted to high traffic channels like special interest sites and advertising networks. The data reported from 500 advertisers that are using Microsoft’s mapping tools, do indeed show that marketers given the choice to assign greater value to those channels do so.

Microsoft recently found that under its acknowledgment department, vertical websites full of content with paid advertising campaigns actually receive additional value for conversions. Rodgers reported that the average search purchase loses 7% credit for conversions for site utilizing Engagement Mapping. Moreover, Microsoft reports specify navigational search directly contributes to a significant segment of “click behavior”. Sixty percent of total sponsored search clicks specify the precise name of a brand advertiser, or even an exact URL. Search engine visitors uncovered to display advertising were 22% more likely to produce a sale than those who weren't exposed.

On the contrary, "This is money well spent as far as I'm concerned," he said. "The issue we have with navigational search is that... it completely obliterates the value we're creating from other digital marketing we're doing." He added, "The idea that search is this magical fountain of customer acquisition -- In many cases it’s not." Engagement Mapping is available only to customers of Microsoft's Atlas ad management unit. It assigns more or less weight to different ad impressions based on factors like frequency, regency, and ad size. Larger advertising units get additional credit, as do video and other media sources.