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Smart Search Strategies provides the latest SEO news for Yahoo, Google and MSN

Microsoft Pushes Engagement Mapping - According to Zachary Rodgers a writer for The ClickZ Network Microsoft's mapping group, contends that most internet marketers give credit with search, affiliate marketing, and other sources of lower-funnel clicks grabbing more recognition than they rightly should. Microsoft wants them to think more holistically. A new study based on advertisers' use of the company's Engagement Mapping product argues for a mold where additional credit is granted to high traffic channels like special interest sites and advertising networks. The data reported from 500 advertisers that are using Microsoft’s mapping tools, do indeed show that marketers given the choice to assign greater value to those channels do so.

Google Announces G1 Mobile Phone for 10/08 Release - The anticipated Google Android phone is set to come out by the end of 2008, as planned by the search giant last year. T-Mobile announced it will be awarded the initial G1 phone set to release on October 22 in the United States. Europe models will be released in November. Google’s “Android” is an open platform that can be customized for a carrier's or handset manufacturer's own portal or service. In turn, developers can use the open platform to create programs to run on Android either as free applications or for sale on the Android Marketplace. The storefront will likely be analogous to the App Store for the iPhone.

FTC Warns of Impending Government Regulation of Web Ad Industry - As the Federal Trade Commission, Federal legislators and state agencies heighten interest in how marketers use consumer data, it's clear the industry is running out of time to establish a self-policing regime. "We sounded the clear call for self-regulators," said Eileen Harrington, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection for the FTC. That clear call was a set of self-regulatory guidelines put forth by the FTC late last year.

Truveo Offers Effective Video Search Engine - The study reported that Truveo covered 86 of those sites; Blinkx covered 20; Microsoft Live Video Search covered 17; Google Video covered three and Yahoo! Video Search covered two. Truveo administered a coverage test itself because currently no major testing organization, publication or consulting firm is publicly conducting ongoing quality studies of video search engines. Truveo believes that while coverage tests can be conducted objectively with relevant tests that need to be conducted by an independent 3 rd party due to the subjective nature of some of the judging.

eBay fixes search-engine malfunction that omitted products from index - IDG News Service reported a technical problem that left an undisclosed number of products out of the search engine index on eBay Inc.'s Web site has now been fixed, according to the e-commerce company, which said it plans to issue credits to affected merchants. According to Juan Carlos Perez, the indexing snafu started last Wednesday morning, but eBay didn't acknowledge it until late Friday. The company then declared the problem solved at about 3 a.m. EDT today. It advised sellers not to relist affected items but instead to create new listings for those goods.

Yahoo Search Features Full Song Playback - Yahoo says the new feature is just another part of its new "play the web" strategy which it hopes will open Yahoo to content and services it is not known for. The company added that there are already 5 million tracks supported but there is of course one large catch. Users can only listen to 25 free full length songs each month before they are only allowed to listen to 30-second clips like on iTunes.