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Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is the functional art of programming, coding and promoting a website with the intention of improving a specific website’s placement on the search engines like Yahoo, MSN or Google. In most cases when consumers use the internet they go straight to the search engines to get information, contact a company or purchase a product online. People go to search engines to find something quickly and efficiently. Search engines can provide an arena for customers to locate you. In addition search engine optimization presents an opportunity for a business to realize cost effective marketing with organic results. Pay per click marketing requires some level of search marketing and clearly there is a developing niche to pay per click with Overture or Adwords by achieving paid traffic on a budget.

Search engine spiders and robots crawl the web, building an index of every page they find. When a crawler comes to your site, it will use proprietary formulas to determine what your site is about and how valuable its content is compared to other sites. These formulas are the source of endless speculation among search marketers. Your goal is to optimize the crawler's ability to understand your site structure and content. When your website appears in a consumers search results, it's free advertising for you.

Smart Search Strategies can help you develop a dynamic internet marketing strategy that meets your business needs.  Let our organic search team will let you in on the latest SEO tips so you can build a search marketing campaign that delivers the results you are searching for.