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Reciprocal Links

A reciprocal link campaign can also help you get back links, but they don't carry as much weight as an unpaid one-way back links (also known as inbound links) to your site. Try entering this into google "your keyword or phrase" + "add url". This will then list the most popular sites that will allow you to link back to them. Put a link to the sites you like. Then, contact the site owner and show them the link you have. Ask them politely to link back to your site and follow up with them in a month. Keep a spreadsheet of sites you've contacted for reciprocal links to keep track of who you contacted and when.

It generally takes ninety to one hundred days to establish any type of page rank so achieving page rank takes some time. It's important to focus on an ongoing link building strategy because without a decent page ranks, you will not achieve success with the search engines.