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Effective Linking Strategies to Get

Google, Yahoo and MSN all rate web sites based on the quantity and quality of relevant back links. Back links are links that are pointed back to your site and this increases your "link popularity" (for MSN and Yahoo search engines) and PageRank (Google search engine). The number of back links is referred to as link popularity. Link relevancy is critical. Do not just add random links to your site that offer no added value to your visitor.

Rank Higher with Google and Yahoo

Google page ranks range from PR0 to PR10. Sites with higher page ranks get better search results. When Google indexes the web master's site, it makes a record of all the relevant links linking back to the site and ranks it accordingly. The more relevant links pointing to the web site, the better the rank will be. Once Google initiated PageRank, Yahoo and MSN also started rating link popularity based on back links. The following are some link-building strategies to help you gain page rank and link popularity.

Submitting Articles and Posting Comments or Messages on Other Websites

Building links to your site is an essential function of improving and generating qualified traffic. You can generate back links by submitting articles to articles sites like Ezine Articles and through message boards, forums, comments pages, classified ads and any other source available for the posting of links. Just be sure to include a link back to your website in the signature area or in the bio that article sites allow you to include on your articles.