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A link from a directory gets a lot of weight from Google because they value it as a form of endorsement. The Open Directory Project is the best directory around. It powers Google, AOL and Yahoo Search (but not Yahoo Directory). Be sure to follow their submission guidelines and pick the most appropriate category possible for inclusion, or your listing may not be approved and you won't be listed. To be listed in the Yahoo Directory, you’ll have to pay a recurring annual fee of around $300.00. While Yahoo is the most possible, and most expensive directory, in which you can be listed, it’s not the best. The Open Directory Project carries more weight with the search engines.

The following are links to the top 5 free directories with which you can get listed. Some even offer inexpensive expedited listing services or featured listings: maintains a list of directories in which you can get listed. They make it easier to add your web site to a large number of online directories. Here are instructions gives for adding your site to the directories they list. We just put it in bullet format to make the instructions easier to follow.

  • Choose the Google Page Rank (PR) below that you would like to start with, the list can be filtered to remove specialty web directories by checking the "View General Directories only" checkbox.
  • Click on the link directory you would like to add your web site to. Click on the "add site" or the "link suggest/add url" link and follow the instructions of the directory. Often you will be asked to work your way to the most relevant category before you suggest your link for inclusion.
  • When you are finished adding your web site, close the window and choose the next directory. also says you could also pay a submission service to get your site listed in major directories. They suggest that you make sure the submission services:

  • Do manual submissions only.
  • Verify that your site is not already listed.
  • Provide proof of submission (usually screen captures).