Which SEO Company is Right for You?

One way to find the right SEO company is simply to ask other business owners or colleagues that you trust.  One obstacle that frequently happens with that is that most competitive businesses will not give up their SEO source.  Another way to choose the best SEO company for your business is to visit online forums like SEO Chat or Smart Search Strategies.

Try and avoid of any SEO firms that hound you emails and phone messages promising top ranking on Google. In most cases, these spammers are selling you a paid spot in a Google ad, which is clearly very different from ranking on the first page organically in Google’s search index. In a recent article, Nationwide Marketing founder, Bryan Dornan warns against firms that use black-hat SEO, because that will likely get your website on the wrong list with Google.  Dornan suggests seeking SEO companies that can offer you examples of white-hat SEO.  It is important to work with internet marketing firms that follow the search engine guide for best practices.  It is vital that you align yourself with trusted SEO authorities, rather than to working with people who considered spammers by Google or Yahoo.  Getting a penalty placed on your website is detrimental to the SEO success.  Getting blocked from Google’s index will nearly eliminate all your web traffic.

If your business needs to rank high for keywords phrases that include regional info, like city or state, make sure that work with a SEO company that specializes in local search optimization.  Take some time and review their references and search for credible reviews online.  In most cases you will want to work with an SEO company that has had positive results in your vertical market.  Most good SEO firms will provide you analytics and monthly reports that can be helpful demonstrating the progress of your website and the specific SEO campaigns that you paid for.

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